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Mission Statement

Linux Contracting & Outsourcing is a Dutch company in The Hague. We help organizations to fill their labour needs, whether temporarily or permanently. Linux is particularly specialized in horticulture, but for some time now Linux has also focused on other sectors. Due to our transparent way of working we can achieve the best results. It all starts with listening to the customer’s needs!


The labour market is continuously changing. Permanent employment contracts are outdated. More and more vacancies are going to be filled in a flexible manner. Linux Contracting & Outsourcing has played a major role in filling that need by employers and plans to extend its services in the coming years, particularly through the efforts of motivated and experienced work at your company. In order to ensure that we can deliver motivated staff, everything has to be arranged for them. Employees have to realize, that the job has to be done within a short period of time. Good working conditions play a crucial role. Linux aims to guide its employees in an optimum fashion. Besides guiding Linux will offer them adequate development opportunities, such as language participation and other courses that are required.