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Linux Contracting & Outsourcing was founded in 1998 and is located at the Goeverneurlaan 163-165 in The Hague. The daily management is in the hands of our management team,  consisting of  Mehmet Karadogan (Operational Affairs), Serkan Karadogan (Planning and Logistics) and Radj Ramesar (Management and Organization).

Linux has been a familiar name for almost 20 years, especially in the greenhouse sector, but also in other sectors. Linux started as a contracting business, after which it became  known as a staffing business. However, from early 2010 Linux became a partner in Consulting and Outsourcing. In addition, we assemble teams of experts and specialists to implement complete assignments.

What is the difference between Contracting and Outsourcing?

The biggest difference is that with outsourcing the agency is only obliged to provide the manpower. The services of a contractor are different and require more responsibility. A contractor is obliged to provide a tangible product, to perform a task or to achieve a particular result. Contracting entails an entirely different liability than outsourcing does. A contractor takes over the entire work (process). In exchange for the service provided, the client pays an agreed rate per hour or per piece.

Management and supervision rest with the contractor in contrast to outsourcing. Contracting is a valuable addition to the services.

When do you make use of Contracting and Outsourcing?

Do you have an important order, which has to be fulfilled? Do you urgently need some extra help from professionals with experience? Then Linux is the right partner for you! Whether you need to get through a busy period or to implement a complex project, Linux is up to the challenge. Linux provides the desired result for a favorable price! We have good production workers, pickers, packers and a team leader. One that ensures that the job is going to be done on time, so you have nothing to worry about. They find quality and reliability as important as direct communication and a good results.

SNA certification

We have the ISO 4400-1 certification. Enterprises that use the SNA (Dutch abbreviation, which stands for Labour Standards Foundation) mark must meet the requirements of the ISO 4400-1 standard.This standard is not only used for companies in The Netherlands which provide labour, but also for contracting work and for contractors, such as Linux.The standards of those companies are monitored. The companies must fulfill all obligations arising from the provision of staff employment or deployment in the performance of contract work.

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